DJ Fresh Herbs

FRESH-HERBS-1200x600.pngIt´s been an exciting journey into music so far! And everything was set off by my brothers. It was their record collection where I first caught the vinyl bug. Decades later it was Jose, one of my best pals from teenage years, who gave me De La Remix as a birthday present around 1990. Since then there was no holding back. Spurred by the likes of Austrian music ambassadors Demon Flowers, DJ DSL and Katharina Weingartner the quest was on for all these uncountable funky originals often sampled in late 80s and early 90s Hip Hop.


Photo by Lorenz Migsch

Over the years I´ve left many records shops with dusty fingers: from Vienna to Berlin, from London to Singapore. The result of this urge of diggin´ deeper into music history is what you get to hear now, 20 years onwards. Fresh Herbs´ DJ sets are all about quality – putting the soul back into music. The music can be sweet or raw. You may just shuffle your feet, or you may go bananas on the dancefloor. However, there is always one common thread: the music´s got to be funky.


Photo by Lorzenz Migsch

I never prepare playlists for my DJ sets – I just react to the people. But I do select and research my records very carefully to transport a certain vibe. Sometimes this may be more Brazil, sometimes it may be down-to-earth funk; sometimes you may hear a „good ole“ rock track, and sometimes you may feel the bass of a straight Golden-era Hip Hop set. In any way, I hope you dig what I dig! If you´re curious, join us at our regular Club Analog nights.

Planting beats
Fresh Herbs