Diggin´ deeper

Diggin´, diggin´, diggin´ deep in the crates! Exchanging the latest discoveries who´s sampled what, wrecking one´s brain where we know this and that snippet of music from, chasing the original, and then diving even deeper into a culture that´s feeding us the goodies in sheer abundance… that´s the pain and pleasure of a digger! To give you some insight, I´d like to share impressions from a pretty exciting trip to a warehouse on the outskirts of Singapore one rainy Saturday:

But the best thing of it all is to then play the hunted treasures to a crowd. And doing that, seeing the people enjoying themselves, shuffling their feet, swinging their pelvis, nodding their heads, is the ultimate fulfillment. This has also been the main pursuit of Club Analog for the last years: to make people smile, spread the message of good vibes and catch beats with like-minded heads.

To give you an idea of what´s on the shelves, I´ve Hand-picked some records for you. But the wantlist still keeps on getting longer and longer with some Rare Plants I´ve been hunting down.